Cremate Token

Cremate token was created with the inspiration to Cremate the bad actors and scammers in the Crypto Space and to be used by holders to participate in Cremate Games.


Our project's tokenomics is designed to establish a robust and fair ecosystem, ensuring transparency and sustainability. Here are the key features:

Liquidity Lock (LL): To promote stability and trust, a Liquidity Lock of 90 days has been implemented, involving an initial commitment of 5.5 ETH.

Ownership Renounced: We believe in decentralization and have renounced ownership to foster a community-driven environment, minimizing central control.

Zero Allocation to Owners: No token allocation is reserved for project owners, ensuring that the distribution is impartial and community-focused.

Supply Cap: A conservative supply cap of 4% has been implemented to control inflation and establish a foundation for long-term value.

Revenue Share: Token holders will earn their revenue share by holding their $CREMATE tokens in their wallets from buy/sell taxes receiving.


Buy Tax: 2.0% - A modest buy tax is in place to encourage a healthy ecosystem and discourage excessive speculation. 2% of tax goes to Team for buybacks and marketing.

Sell Tax: 7.0% - A slightly higher sell tax is introduced to incentivize long-term holding and discourage short-term trading. 2% of tax goes to marketing and 5% of tax is sent to LP.

These tokenomics components collectively aim to create a sustainable, community-driven project with controlled liquidity, fair ownership distribution, and mechanisms to foster a healthy and long-term ecosystem.


Cremate Games

  • Raffle Draw: Our raffle contract will provide a fun and rewarding experience for all users.

  • Ticket Purchase with Cremate and ETH: Users can acquire raffle tickets using Cremate and ETH, promoting the adoption of our native token.

  • Burn Mechanism: A portion of cremate used to purchase tickets will be burnt, contributing to a deflationary ecosystem.

  • Raffle Pay out: At intervals that will be determined later, the raffle will award three winners with pay outs in Crypto, Gift Cards, Crypto Tools Subscriptions, etc. enhancing user engagement.

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